The Graduate English Society (GES) at Western University is a student organization that, through its various events and services, fosters a sense of social as well as academic community among the English graduate students currently in attendance at Western. We also facilitate communication between graduate students and faculty in an effort to promote intradepartmental camaraderie and to present graduate student concerns to the administration. All students in the graduate program in English at Western are members of the GES. Through the GES, students can voice and address matters common to the graduate student body. We hold meetings approximately once or twice per term which are open to all members. We also elect members to various GES Service Positions, GES Associate Positions, and Department Committee Representative positions. In addition, the GES serves both professional and social purposes, sponsoring academic events and parties.

If you have questions about the GES or about one of its specific functions, please feel free to contact either of our society’s Chairs, Diana Samu-Visser and Madison Bettle.