Hello, and welcome to the Graduate English Society at Western University!

The GES is a student organization that exists to foster a sense of social and academic community among English graduate students in attendance at Western. Through our events, services, and connections to various bodies on campus, we facilitate communication and forge connections between English grads, faculty, administration, and graduate students across Western’s campus. In so doing, we promote intra- and cross-departmental camaraderie and represent graduate student concerns, acting as a conduit for students to voice and address matters common to the graduate student body. In other words, the GES serves its membership in a number of professional, academic, and social roles, and our member-driven structure ensures a voice for all graduate students within the department.

All students in our graduate program are members of the GES, which holds meetings once or twice per term and are open to all members. We also elect members to various service positions, associate positions, and departmental committees, with elections for these positions taking place either in the summer term (June/July) or the beginning of the fall term (September/October). For more information on these roles and how you can become involved, please visit the Positions page.

Our goal is for this site to serve as a hub for everything you need as a grad student in the English department, including:

  • The Events Calendar, with which you can see all upcoming GES events;
  • Our blog, where you can catch up with all the latest GES news;
  • Information you’ll need as an incoming PhD or MA, as an International Student, while studying for comps, while writing your dissertation (and finishing it up), and as a Year X student.

If you have any questions about the GES or about one of its specific functions, please feel free to contact our Co-Chairs, Ariana Potichnyj and Colton Sherman.

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Visit us in the GES Lounge: UC 1420

Department Administrative Faculty and Staff

Leanne Trask (Graduate Coordinator) – leanne.trask@uwo.ca
Vivian Foglton (Assistant to the Chair, Reception) – vivian.foglton@uwo.ca
Beth McIntosh (Administrative Assistant: Budget, Payroll, Purchasing) – bethmc@uwo.ca
Dr. James Purkis (Chair, Graduate Studies) – jpurkis@uwo.ca
Dr. Manina Jones (Department Chair) – mjones@uwo.ca
Dr. Madeline Bassnett (Chair, Undergraduate Studies) – m.bassnett@uwo.ca
Dr. Pauline Wakeham (Graduate Development & Placement Coordinator) – pwakeham@uwo.ca

Other important contacts are listed on the Department of English website.