The Jane Errors

The Jane Errors logo, created by Donnie Calabrese © 2014

Charlotte Brontë does not screw around. The Jane Errors logo by Donnie Calabrese © 2014

Founded on March 8, 1878, The Jane Errors is the official softball team of the GES@Western. Recently resurrected by alums Mike “Big C” Gyssels (MA ’14) and Kailee “Bigger C” Wakeman (MA ’14), The Jane Errors ended the summer of 2014 at 2-9-0 and averaging 4.64 points per game. The Errors were also (unofficially but undisputedly) voted most delightful team to play against thanks to our sportsmanship, fantastic walk-up music, and creative but lovable heckling. Below, you can find our historical weekly game write-ups courtesy of Co-Coach Gyssels, which are as entertaining as they are accurate. Keep an eye out for our patented MVP ranking system, the weekly “Knocks-on-the-Jock.” It’s a long story…

Are you interested in playing for The Errors? Weekly practices begin as soon as the weather gets nice enough, and registration opens at the end of April with the season running from mid-May to mid-August. Registration fees range from $25-$35 per person, which depends on the number of players who sign up. We generally play one game a week within the rec league, and players of all skill levels and experiences are welcome to join. Last year, we had experienced players, folks who had never thrown a ball, and everything in between, and a fantastic time was had by all. Also, while players are encouraged to bring their own equipment, not having equipment for any number of reasons should never be a barrier to eager players. With this in mind, the GES voted last year to donate $200 to The Errors to help buy equipment, including an equipment bag, softballs, bats, and gloves.

Last year also marked the foundation of the Annual GES Softball Classic (colloquially known as “Jane Errors & Friends”). GES members, folks from other departments, friends, family, and alumni were all welcomed onto the field and squared off against one another for a wonderful evening of fast-paced excitement. If you’re not able to play for The Errors but would like to give softball a try, look out for this event in August which promises to get better every year! Rumour has it that a few English Department faculty members have some baseball and softball skills, so who knows?—you may be facing one of your supervisors or committee members at the next Classic!

Season Stories:

2013-14 – Playoffs; Week 10; Week 9; Week 8; —— ; Week 6; Week 5; Week 4; Week 3; Week 2 (Double Header); Week 1 (Bye)


Kailee Wakeman (MA ’14)
Mike Gyssels (MA ’14)
Deirdre Fleming (MA ’14)
David Huebert (PhD II)
Diana Samu-Visser (PhD III)
Dylan Vaughn (MA ’15)
Ellen Gregory (MA ’14)
Emily Farkas (MA ’14)
Gavin MacLean (MA ’14)
Dylan Schoenmakers (MA ’14)
Jonathan Stillman (PhD II)
Kevin Shaw (PhD III)
Logan Rohde (PhD II)
Phil Spurrell (PhD III)
Marzena Musielak (PhD IV)
Nathan Tebokkel (MA ’14)
Shev Kelly (Right Honourable Grad Club Empress)


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