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Welcome to the dreaded “year X”. Sure, you no longer have departmental funding, a mailbox, or a guaranteed TAship, but it’s not all bad. You have experience as a grad student now. You know how the department works. Your dissertation is starting to really take shape. You can do this. You will make it out of here!

This space is meant to be a resource for Year X / Beyond Funding / Upper Year students with all the stuff you’ll probably need as you navigate attempting to finish that %$#%ing dissertation already. No more tracking things down in a million different places. It’s all here. If it’s not, let us know what’s missing.

Year X Representative

20/21 Year X Representative: Lisa Templin
The Year X Representative is your representative on the GES executive. If you have concerns that are specific to being a year x / beyond funding student, let the Year X Rep know. They will pass along your concerns to make sure they are heard. They also plan and support events that help support Year X students like Write Club and the Online Writing Group.

Write Club and Writing Group